Sibu Rajang Esplanade Walking Tour

The Swan - Sibu's Majestic IconCheck out the earliest trading point and wharf in SibuA lot have change but the business and activities along the esplanade sill maintain just like the way it is way back whenView the busy area of loading/unloading of Floating SupermarketSome of the ever popular Moto Chalo, one of the main mode of transport hereVisit Temple By The River & Seven Storey PagodaVenture through the Sibu Town SquareEnd your tour by visiting Lau King Howe Medical Museum

Duration : 3 hours
No. of guests : Minimum 2 adults

Meet up with local guide, start off by walking alongside Malaysia's longest river - The Mighty Rajang River - at the Rajang Esplanade. There you can come face to face with Sibu's icon - The Swan, touch the Hii's Clan Memorial Stone Plaque, and check out Sibu's oldest commodities trading point and wharf. Continue journey to the Temple By The River & scale the Seven Storey Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Ying) Pagoda.

Drop by the Chiang Chuan Memorial Garden build along the river for a little peek of history about Sibu. Marvel at the James Hoover Memorial Square along the way, the centre of the Methodist Church community where the church, school, even offices and bookstore are under one management. Continue to walk across the town square until reaching the confluence of Rajang & Igan River. Stroll back to Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum to end the tour.

Sibu Countryside & Fruits Sampling

Welcome to the family based fruit farm famous for its Honey Pomelo, Tangerines and Dragon FruitRefresh your taste buds with the sweetness of local fruitsWe got the ever so popular red coloured Dragon FruitThe sweet and juicy honey tangerinesThe white coloured Dragon Fruit is also availableView some extra size papaya fruit as well if you likeStill not getting enough ?? Pack some to bring back home

Duration : 3 hours
No. of guests : Minimum 2 adults

Meet up with local guide before proceeding to the fruit farm, which is about 35 minutes drive from the town centre for an experience to taste the sweetness of local fruits. Visit the family based fruit farm to view the famous honey pomelo, tangerines and the sweet dragon fruits.

No reason to come to an orchard just to taste a fruits where else you can simply get it from the market, but you will be unable to buy these at the market as the major restaurants clear all the stocks in this farm before it can even be marketed to town. You can experience it first it first hand in the farm which still apply a very typical traditional way to plant, a feature that you'll unable to find in other places in Sarawak.

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